Saturday, October 16, 2010

years of wasted time

live in an island,
a place for a kind,
spread the goods,
two faces pig,
scream out loud,
full of hatred,
i use the same toilet bowl,
with them,
what a nice cover,
the content ain't nothing,
they know everything,

they have the power,
power to talk,
but, it just a silly sound,
from a silly pig,
back stabbing,
the same hypocrite,
the same culprit,
look like an old friends,
but they are the real devils,
i don't know,
i don't know,
i didn't care,
cause they and me,
not the same root,
as long as the stone and water,
not mixed,
as long as heaven and hell
not together,
let it be,
till the times end it,
it's the five years of wasted time.

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