Wednesday, October 27, 2010


an October past through,
but, i'm waiting for the chill of November,
thou look like a pale orange,
viddy well mates,
it's sad to be written,
the path that we walk,
is not the same anymore,
waiting that day,
a day of returning,
back to our ground,
 it is ugly,
but it teaches us,
to hold our dignity,
to praise our believe.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

years of wasted time

live in an island,
a place for a kind,
spread the goods,
two faces pig,
scream out loud,
full of hatred,
i use the same toilet bowl,
with them,
what a nice cover,
the content ain't nothing,
they know everything,

they have the power,
power to talk,
but, it just a silly sound,
from a silly pig,
back stabbing,
the same hypocrite,
the same culprit,
look like an old friends,
but they are the real devils,
i don't know,
i don't know,
i didn't care,
cause they and me,
not the same root,
as long as the stone and water,
not mixed,
as long as heaven and hell
not together,
let it be,
till the times end it,
it's the five years of wasted time.

Friday, October 15, 2010

..isolated path..

something just not right,
come to my gut,
walking alone like a stranger,
everyone said that,
they don't even know,
what's in my mind,
allure is important to them,
but not me,
to be a crow is better than a dove,
nothing to worried of,
to keep living my own ground,
following the stream is easy,
i like to against it,
cause the vision is brighter,
the water is clearer,
the feeling is merrier,
what ever they said,
i am myself.

Monday, October 11, 2010

the wawasan terminal[ogy]

i walk along the street,
i saw a boy,
an empty can on the road,
waiting to be crush by a car,
officers come along,
take away that boy,
cause he ain't the inhabitant,
of this sick society,
it ain't nothing,
it's not bout the humanity,
the racism is their heart,
my race better than yours,
not even a single soil,
belong to you,
everyone claim that,
green is their mind,
a pink fat pig they are,
claim the food, not belong to them,
till tomorrow,
the eternal tomorrow,
the tomorrow of morphology.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

..a blind man eyes..

a cold shivering night,
it's a heavy pour,
an old man spent his life,
sleeping on a heap of boxes,
torn socks,
i don't know,
whether he can survive or not,
it is a brutal life to live,
it is road fill with torn,
looking through the eyes of a government,
it's nothing,
a blind man may see a wisdom,
a wise man may see dignity,
we can see nothing,
cause the blind heart belong to us.

maggots in the flesh

a smelly old dog walk in a town,
a kid with the hand of the blind,
a crow doesn't know where to go,
an isle of people,
a man smoking in a row,
a fly die along,
the scene of urban,
look pretty on the skin,
but it has the maggot,
living inside him.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

...the plague from a rotten rat...

walk around like tryin to find something,
but don't know what the thing is,
guts is everywhere,
people with hatred eyes,
eating others flesh to continue living,
people, hatred and society,
killing others for the chicks,
mind your friends, chop their heads off,
it's noble right?,
people showing off their power,
nothing to do with it,
piss in their mouth, eat dung,
what's the matter it's ok right?
or it ain't..
dreaming of greatness,
what they get?..
just falling trash from the sky,..